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If you're a big enough Ocarina of Time fan, you would know that the final game ended up being radically different from how it was first imagined. The spiritual stones were supposed to be fixed onto the Ocarina, there were 8 medallions to collect, magic was utilized more, and well known areas looked completely different.

Ocarina in general was supposed to be a much bigger game. Nintendo, however, was forced to cut a lot due to many restraints. The sheer amount of content changed or thrown out provides us with an interesting little project. Recreating the beta; creating a game that resembles what Ocarina could have been. This wasn't originally our idea, however. Not too long ago there was a Beta Restoration project by Team Beta Triforce. From what we've heard, too many members left the team so the project was dropped.

So we're stealing the idea and changing it a bit.

They were planning to modify a rom, and we're building up the whole game from scratch. It will be the Ocarina beta if it was made today, with updated graphics, a nice physics engine, the works. The game will be written in Xna, and to save us time and whatnot, we'll be using every resource we have available. If we can, we'll be using models we find online, reusing Ocarina sound effects, etc. We plan to make Zelda 64 episodic so we can get content out faster and thus get feedback and bug reports faster.

Which brings us to our email: Feedback is amazing and we really want everyone to send us questions, comments, bug reports, etc.

For more indepth discussions on Zelda 64 and its updates, check out my blog:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (Download here)
  • Microsoft Xna Framework Redist 4.0 (Download here)
tl/dr: A modern computer with modern software.

tl/dr: The Legend of Zelda 64: The Beta Remade is a remake of the original Ocarina of Time Beta. It is based as much as possible off of the information available online.

NOTE: The old Clickonce installer's certificate experied, and it seems the only thing we can do as an open source project is issue a new test certificate. This would be fine, but it will force all current users to uninstall and reinstall. We figure it is better to just roll our own updating package. In the mean time, there is no installer so we have just uploaded the binaries.

NOTE: On Windows 8, it might be necessary disable the SmartScreen filter prior to installing.

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