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this patch can only be used and shown Zelda 64 OOT v1.0, however it will load if you decompress it. for more information reply to my profile, and here's how to decompress Zelda 64 OOT/Majora's Mask v1.0. Here's the guide (make sure to have 7-Zip and/or Winrar/Winzip ready):

This here is the ZDEC, the Zelda Decompressor, it works for the Zelda roms and makes it 64 MB, this will make it so you can view all of the actual text (attachment in description)

From there here's the rest of the way to do it.
  1. Make a folder with only Zdec.exe and your Zelda 64 OOT/MM (U) v1.0 rom in it.
  2. Open Notepad and type:
    @echo off
    zdec.exe 1.z64 2.z64
  3. Save that notepad as anything that ends in .bat ex: abc.bat
  4. Rename your Majora's Mask (U) to 1.z64 (makes it easier)
  5. Open Zdec.
  6. Click on the ".bat" you just saved (should be in the same folder as Zdec.exe)
  7. Now type Y then press enter.
  8. All done! Your decompressed ROM is now 2.z64

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FGUG2021 wrote Jun 2, 2015 at 9:44 PM

go to the ext folder and copy and paste the abc.bat and zdec.exe in separate folder labeled ZDEC. then edit the bat file with notepad and change the extensions 1.z64 2.z64 to the following the extensions: 1.v64 2.v64, and 1.n64 2.n64. this makes it so that you can decompress roms with those extensions. Now take your OOT/MM roms (Should be named Legend of Zelda, The Ocarina of Time (V1.0) [!].z64 or whatever), change the name of rom to 1.z64, 1.v64 etc. and put that in the ZDEC folder. Also a little side note, when you edit the bat file hit save as and have 3 folders ZDEC 1 ZDEC 2 and ZDEC 3. Have ZDEC 1 have only your 1.z64 rom, abc.bat (the layout's in the description) and zdec.exe
ZDEC 2/3 should the same files but make sure you edit the bat to make extensions correspond to your rom extension. so here;s the detailed setup:

(@echo off
zdec.exe 1.z64 2.z64

(@echo off
zdec.exe 1.v64 2.v64

(@echo off
zdec.exe 1.n64 2.n64

that's what those files should look like in notepad.
Put the abc.bat in ZDEC 1
Put the cba.bat in ZDEC 2
Put the bca.bat in ZDEC 3

make sure everything is setup and ready to go and then apply patch by using PPF-O-MATIC (attachment also in description)

wrote Jun 2, 2015 at 9:44 PM

FGUG2021 wrote Jun 2, 2015 at 9:54 PM

as an update to what i said earlier heres the link to the folders and files. Pay no heed to the attachments the files and everything are here. Just pay attention to the tutorial for opening the files up.

FGUG2021 wrote Jun 2, 2015 at 9:57 PM

the same link has the ppf-o-matic